The Dragonfish Fireball

This board is the reincarnation of the original “Tommy Peterson Fireball Fish” pioneered to fame by Tom Curren and Frankie Oberholzer during the Rip Curl Search series.

It comes in 2 different step configurations but the most common as well as the most versatile is set just forward of the front fins. The board features a gentle single forward concave, moderately low entry rocker into the stepped deep 6 channel bottom. The outline whilst being wider still allows for a pulled in nose for a more sensitive forward section and pulls into a fairly narrow Swallowtail for added hold. The stepped bottom contour along with the deep 6 channels allows for incredible speed generation and lift. Not for the faint of heart or “lazy” surfer. This board needs to be ridden hard to feel all the intricacies of this design.Can be ordered as a straight Thruster set up or in a 5-4-3 fin set up.

  • Wave Size: 2-8 feet
  • Ability: Intermediate to Pro

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