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  • Mowing foam on the big 3DM "Skil" 10000
  • Colorful combos to kick the long weekend off into overdrive. Matching colors to customers requests can be a challenge as almost all resins used for surf equipment manufacturing whether it be Polyester or Epoxy contain some level of optical brightners to enhance their appeal and clarity, but with this comes the challenge of the initial colors changing in tone...sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It's a constant challenge  as a professional  board builder but compare that to sitting in an office all day in a suit...I'll gladly take it!!
Board models L- R...Grombomb and Hipwing 
Construction:PU/PE...US blanks 2.0
Fin system: Futures fins  and FCS II
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Color work by "Paint slinger "
Dimensions: GB...5'5" x 18 1/16" x 2 1/8"...22.3 L...HW..5'5" x 18 1/8" x 2 1/8"....22.8 L
  • Throw backs to an era in time when there was no C 19, life was so much simpler and to where every surf product seemed to have bright vibrant Neon color combos.Good times and great memories  but recreating them for the Groms is still fun and will never get old!!
Board model: Grombomb 
Construction: PU/PE..foam core by US blanks  2.0
Fin system by Futures 
Color by "Paint slinger"
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Dimensions: 5'5" x 18 1/16" x 2 1/8"...22.3 L
  • Color ways to give customers what they want and to make a board truly custom as per their requests is the fun part of building boards and will forever remain so.You will never get that from any board coming out of South East Asia regardless of who owns the companies.
  • Customization can have many meanings and forms,but one thing that is for certain in making surfboards to order is that we always add  little extras to give the customer exacty what they wanted and most importantly  to make their board ordering experience that much more special!!
Board model: "Baitball"
Construction: PU/PE...blank by US blanks  2.0 Blue density. 
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Fin system  by FCS...Fusion style
Artwork by "The Paint slinger "
Dimensions: 5'10" x 21.75" x 2 9/16"...37.13 L
  • "A board in the the bush is worth two in hand"!!
Friday Freshies for the Groms.
Board model: Grombomb 
Construction: Eps/Epoxy 
Fin system by Futures 
Lamination by Mystery Glassing Huntington beach 
Dimensions: 5'4" x 18" x 2"...22.3 L
  • Colorburst brighten up the day!!
  • A couple of PS-M2 quiver fillers getting antsy to get back in the water for some real action.
  • New CNC toys in the works to keep the shaping mind sharp as a Tack🤘
  • Fulfilling  quivers of all kinds one board at a time or maybe 2 or 3 or however many  you may you covered for every "Board Meeting " out there.We'll be back to those after this crazy time has passed but in the meantime order up so you are not late to the party.Taking orders and self quarantining  far away from all this craziness to keep everyone happy.
  • There's most definitely  something about a nice clean Swallow tail  that gets me all moist and fuzzy...both shaping them as well as surfing them🤘💪.Probably my most favorite  tail shape to surf.The free easy feeling,drive and hold they have in turns is electrifying and always brings miles of smiles!!
Board model: PS-M2
Construction: PU/PE...foam core by US blanks 2.0
Fin System by Futures fins 
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Dimensions: 5'11" x 18 5/8" x 2 1/4"...vol 26.8 L
  • Bringing a little color to your Monday  blues....the Summer buzz is right around the corner and hopefully we all get to experience  that by being able to have those important "Board Meetings "
Board model: UFG....modified
Construction: PU/PE by US blanks 2.0
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Dimensions: 5'0" x 20 1/4" x 2 9/16"....27.8 L
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