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  • Custom colors to brighten up any mood.Nothing is too big or too small to build and keeping customers happy  is all that really matters!!!
  • In times of uncertainty  such as what we are all dealing with now...the surf industry  must constantly adapt to fast changing business  environments....with that being said the whole argument of whether what is best either machine shapes or hand shapes keeps coming up.Probably the best advice would be to do what is best for your production schedules or abilities in the surfboard industry.
There are plenty of great smaller cutting companies out there that  do an insane job with quick turnarounds....but handshaping  is a viable alternative if you dont have these available to you and have the skills to produce consistent  shapes.
Board building is unique and should be treated as such to suit your needs.It is not a competition  factor of what is better because that is totally irrelevant  as a good board is a good board no matter how it became to be.
Using technology  to advance an already great product is not only smart but can save you time and $$ in the long run....however if those that believe that handshaping is the only way to go then if that works for you...go knock yourselves out doing it...For me personally it is about how good the board is and consistent quality.
Understanding  shaping machines has made me a better more efficient handshaper...and I don't let an over inflated ego get in the way of that.Giving my customers  the best possible product is all that matters to me.
Building surfboard machines for the past 20 something  years has also given me different  insight into this and I understand  the thought processes  from all sides....but at the end of the day...seeing a happy customer on a good product is all that matters...because without a solid happy  customer  base...we are nothing as board builders.Stay safe out there everyone💪🤙.
  • It was a hectic Friday work schedule to get deadlines met and boards shipped on time.Thankful for all the work and support we get continuously  through the factory both big and small.Wishing everyone a safe and healthy journey through these uncertain times.
  • In uncertain times there's always fun and games in the surf industry,but the process of building good quality boards never changes and we always take that part very seriously🤘💪#Fireballfish#Fireballs#TomPetersonfireballfish
  • Channels and other  fun things going on in the Blue room before the Covid 19 enforcement  police come shut us down for our extended "vacation".It's  all machines and hands on deck to get as much production  done as possible!!...definitely  strange and interesting  times we are living in😎
  • Fireballs are always a small challenge if you don't  know how to approach  them.I shaped my first batch of them right around '92 or so and have been doing them steadily ever since.The bigger challenge  back then was they all had fixed fins...but now things are much easier "IF" you know how to make them with either Futures  or FCS fin boxes done correctly!!
Using the best CAD design and CNC technology from both  Shape 3D  and  3DM for these projects makes life a lot easier nowadays.
  • A little quiver stocker of "Ugly Fish Grovellers" to scratch the itch for catching anything on those middle finger days that are less than inspiring.
Board Model: UFG
Construction:PU/PE..core by US blanks 2.0
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
5'6" x 21 1/4" x 2 1/2"....6'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 1/2"...plenty volume on both to out paddle the pesky Groms!!
  • It's that time of year and the migration  of the "Swallows" is in full force.The little bastards are everywhere!!!
  • Stacked Friday's  and it was a busy one.Having a solid production  line going through the factory at all times is great.Along with that comes the need for good surfboard cnc cuts and machine accuracy to make that job a lot easier with good  consistent  accurate shapes.Handshaping is good if you are a small label or need to knock out a prototype board and dont have the availability  of a good cnc machine ...or if you are just a die hard hand shaper....but to do any high capacity production these days with any sort of consistency it is just not practical.
  • Monday's  blues  had to be shaken off quickly as the never ending school of Twin fish just keep on appearing out from the depths with abundance!!!
I am very fortunate  to get to sling seemingly endless  amounts of the Magic Pixie  Dust and would not change this for the world.
  • A pack of "Big Guy" small wave toys to keep you oversized  surf shredders in the game!!
Models: Rocket Twinny modified ...Wizards Slipper
Construction:PU/PE by Us blanks 2.0 Solarmade
Lamination by Mystery Glassing 
Dimensions:...5'9" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8"....6'1" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/8" ..both with plenty of volume literage hidden in there!!
  • A solid little colorful Grom bomb quiver to get the job done for @kaikushner.
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