The Stubby Nubby

The Stubby Nubby is a perfect mix between old and new design that can be ridden in a variety of waves. Developed with team riders Randy Townsend and Alex Brooks, this board is built for speed and control in the pocket of hollow heaving waves.

The board’s wide point is moved forward and its has a full foil through the midpoint to the nose. This helps the board paddle easy as well as enhances its planing ability in flat sections and in the pocket. Continuous single concave throughout.It also has a narrow round pin tail that increases its maneuverability and keeps the board locked in the pocket when the waves are hollow. Works well as a thruster or quad so the 5 fin set up is the best choice. Both Randy and Alex have been really happy with the Stubby Nubby as a quad with the 6 channel bottom optional addition for that extra squirt.

  • Wave Size: 4-10 feet
  • Ability: Beginner to Pro

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