The PS-M2

The PS-M2 is a great everyday HP surfboard. It’s designed to allow for your peak high performance surfing ability to stand out!!

The PS-M2 features a curvy high performance outline incorporating a very soft hip and narrowish rounded Squash tail for increased turning sensitivity along with a medium/high rocker. It also has a slightly wider more forgiving nose to allow for easy release when landing airs.The tail features a low center line rocker with a curvy rail line rocker directly under the rear foot, that transitions from a noticeable single/double concave through the front fins, to a light concave behind the rear fin and out the tail. This board is so lively and drivey that it almost feels like you’e cheating but in a good way.

The thickness flow keeps the volume a touch more forward of center without throwing off balance. The added foam under the chest area helps add paddle power and gives extra float under your front foot in slower sections, meaning easy speed and flow.

  • Wave Size: 2-8 feet
  • Ability: Intermediate to Pro

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