The Hydrolution

The Hydrolution came about for the elder surfer seeking a more performance based platform but still retaining the glide and speed of the tradional Funwave model. I ended up blending some ideas to achieve this. It features continuous curvy outline with a slightly fuller nose area for added glide and through the last 1/3rd of the board I added a soft hip to create a pivot point allowing for the rounded Squash tail to blend into the outline curve and give more rear end stability for turning. It has a modern high performance down rail. The rocker is increased allowing this board to perform in better wave conditions. Featuring a single to double concave into a panel vee to allow for speed, lift and release off the tail. This board comes stock as a Squash tail but can accommodate a Rounded pin very well. This is an excellent board to have in your quiver for any seasoned older surf traveler.

  • Size: 1-10 feet
  • Ability: Beginner to Pro

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